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Spring Walk

After days of lingering

around the house

I step out for a walk


amazed to find nature

really contains the colors

purple, fuchsia, magenta, plum.


After winter they seem

more the colors of jellybeans

than of flowering trees.


I follow a boy up

a side street to school

hoping for a glimpse


of kids sitting in class.

But as we get closer

I realize it wouldn’t do


to be caught with my nose

pressed to the window.

I move on to the neighborhood


thrift shop where the owner

poses a question.

“When a tenant gives you


the rent and doesn’t have

money left for food

and comes in and says


‘That sure smells good,’

can you do anything

but invite him to sit and eat?


Not me. I may not have

an education but

I’ve got mother love.”



We nod our assent.

I wander back out

to the street


climb to the corner.

From here I can see

schoolkids playing.


That’s not grass

they play on

but at least it’s green.


They all run around

like they know

what they’re doing.

Dawn Corrigan has published poetry and prose in a number of print and online journals, with work forthcoming from The Bookends Review, Lighten Up Online, Rind Literary Magazine, Jersey Devil Press, and The Wallace Stevens Journal. Her debut novel, an environmental mystery called Mitigating Circumstances, was published by Five Star/Cengage in January 2014. She lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida and at

Dawn Corrigan

I Wendy

I wonder I Wendy I Wanda

I wend I whine I whoosh

I whisper I win I winter

I wake I wait I wear

I work I write I whistle

I Whitman I wink I wallop

I weed I watch I witch

I whimper I wobble I weave

I want I wash I whip

I wager I waddle I wade

I waffle I waggle I wail

I waver I waive I walk

I wallow I Wassail I waltz

I wax I wane I wrestle

I wash I water I waste

I wave I weary I weather

I weasel I weaken I weigh

I welch I weld I westernize

I whack I wham I whale

I whammy I whop I wheedle

I wheel I whiff I wheeze

I whine I whip I widen

I whore I widow I wield

I wiggle I wigwag I wile

I will I willy I wilt

I wrinkle I winter I wince

I wipe I wiretap I wisecrack

I wiseup I withdraw I wither

I withhold I withstand I witness

I wive I wolf I woman

I womanize I wont I woo

I worm I worsen I workshop

I wound I weave I wrack

I wrangle I wrap I wrastle

I wreck I wrench I wring

I writhe I wrong I wind

I win I work I worry

I wench I wed I went

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